Innovation Judo

Innovation is not always a welcome guest as it challenges the status quo and can increase both organizational uncertainty and ambiguity. Roadblocks and blockheads often threaten to derail even the best of ideas.

Author Neal Thornberry is the first to codify a unique and little-known set of leadership skills necessary for keeping ideas alive within an organization.

Armed with Thornberry's 7 Secret Innovation Judo principles, even the most daunting of barriers can be neutralized.

This book introduces you to pioneers who have succeeded, even when their organization s culture was not particularly friendly to new ideas or even downright hostile.

Thornberry offers a new diagnostic tool to help assess a company s current receptivity to innovation, which is called, "The Innovation Landscape Survey."
Disarming Roadblocks and Blockheads on the Path to Creativity

Neal Thornberry, Ph.D.

With the wealth of practical tools provided in this book, you will learn how to counterbalance innovation killers as you strive to build a world-class organization.

February 25, 2014
$19.95, Trade Paperback, 408 pages, 978-0-9893222-9-4