Evolve Publishing’s mission is to publish unique, inspiring works that have the power to transform the world. Created to serve the diverse needs of authors in today’s changing publishing landscape, we partner with top nonfiction and fiction authors who want to leverage the power of the word to take their brand and their business to the next level. We launched our first book in Spring of 2012.

Writing a book can be challenging. At Evolve, we cultivate an atmosphere of respect and a spirit of partnership, we continually strive for growth and innovation, and most of all, we have fun. At Evolve, our authors become part of a vibrant community who share a passion for books and their capacity to uplift, educate, transform, and inspire.

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Evolve Publishing is distributed by Baker & Taylor Publishing Services, 30 Amberwood Parkway, Ashland, OH 44805.
To place an order, please contact: 888-814-0208 or visit www.btpubservices.com.