Praise for Behnam Tabrizi & Michael Terrell’s The Inside-Out Effect

 “Behnam Tabrizi’s The Inside-Out Effect is a breath of fresh air. His portrayal of the leader of the 21st Century is ‘right-on-the-money.’ Great leaders will prove to be the most precious commodity on Planet Earth in the coming decades. Would-be leaders should read Behnam’s book carefully and incorporate his ideas and ideals in everything they do. The Inside Out Effect is a rallying point for our global leaders for the coming century. This is the ‘right stuff.’”

—Dan Walker, Chief Talent Officer, JCPenney and Former Chief Talent Officer, Apple, Inc.

 “Behnam’s work helps you lead by helping you know yourself, what you’re about, so that you can lead an effective and balanced life. Being your own leader enables you to lead others. That’s key to leadership in a world that’s changing all the time. Behnam offers real, effective advice, which can really help you out.”

—Craig Newmark, Founder of Craigslist

 “We have all seen it in sports teams; I have witnessed it first hand with teams that land robots on Mars. Exceptional leaders succeed with the same team that had underachieved previously under different leadership. The Inside-Out Effect guides you to probe deeply within to discover the authentic leader inside you. It is a refreshing holistic approach to developing leadership. This is a book that is meant to be interacted with and not merely read–more like a workbook. I highly recommend it.”

—Dr. Firouz Naderi, Director, Solar System Exploration and Former Mars Program Manager NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)

 “Taking Professor Tabrizi’s class was one the most transformative experiences I had at Stanford University because I realized that leadership is not about emulating other leaders, but looking inside myself and living a life of commitments that truly fulfill me. For you can not take full advantage of yourself unless you know who you are, by understanding what principles shape you, and most importantly what drives you every day.”

—David de Castro, First-Round 2012 NFL Draft Pick, Pittsburg Steelers

“The Inside-Out Effect is like a sports coach for assisting you in reaching beyond your wildest aspiration. Use the tools in this book, as I have, to transform your life!”

—Christopher Sullivan, FOX Sports Commentator and Former National U.S. Soccer Player