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Advance Praise for I Am That Girl

“I AM THAT GIRL feels more like having a conversation with your best friend than a cheesy self- help book… it’s hilarious, inspiring with a sprinkle of tough love.”

–Hilary Duff

“This book will inspire you to find your own truth and Alexis will hold your hand every step of the way on that awesome journey.”

–Kristen Bell

“Alexis Jones is walking the walk and she’s tapped into a community of young women who do the same. This book is filled with revelations from powerful and inspiring women who dance to their own drumbeat.”

–Kate Bosworth

“Alexis is here to transform the reality of what it is to be female and I AM THAT GIRL isn’t just a book, it’s a call to action. It’s a manifesto for the 21st century GIRLS movement and Alexis leads this mission with the truest grace and humility. I am honored to call her my friend, and I am honored to follow her lead.”

–Bryce Dallas Howard